What is Kangen Water?

Kangen means “back to origin” in Japanese, and that’s exactly what it means for your health and well-being as well. Kangen water machines are in-home water ionizers that hook straight up to any faucet providing alkalized, antioxidant-rich water straight from your tap. By simply sending an electrical charge through your regular tap water it changes the molecular structure and gives the water properties that reverse the aging process of your cells, hydrating you on a cellular level

- Creates electrically reduced alkalized water

-goes through a process oof electrolysis (to put simply, the water is zapped with electricity)

-the k8 machine has 8 platinum coated titanium plates

-creates an abundance of molecular hydrogen (h2) (hydroxide + active oxygen

-very powerful antioxidant which helps reduce oxidative stress (one of the leading causes of disease & illness)
    -on the orp scale (the potential to reduce oxidation), kangen water measures -400 to -800 in one glass of water & blueberries are around -80.

-creates hypochlorous acid (competitors sell machines that solely make this for ~$10k alone) 

-creates 7 different types of water , giving you 68 uses
hydrates your body on a cellular level


2.5 - strong acidic water - (hypochlorous acid) - kill all microbiomes - sore throat relief - facial lifting & tightening

6.0 - beauty water - *ph of rain water* - facial soal - conditioner replacement - replace windex - water plants

7.0 - clean water - take with timed released medication & baby formula

8.5-9.5 - alkaline water - hydrate you on a cellular level - helps improve eyesight - curbs appetite - help return grey hair to natural color, & much more.

11.5 - strong alkaline water - emulsifies oils - used as natural melatonin - makeup remover - hangovers & migraines - laundry detergent - ice cubes to help off-set acidic drinks


What Do Your Days Look Like As a Kangen Water Distributor?

Being a Kangen water distributor means that I am entirely self employed with the company of Enagic. Because of this, each day looks very different. When I’m not adventuring and sharing how this job allows me to live in alignment with my values and ethics as a human being, I am coaching my team on how to be successful and fulfilled entrepreneurs. Most of the time I am simply creating content and coming up with new ways to share this opportunity as authentically as possible.

Do You Really Make Money?

yes! personally, i am not one of the top earners of my team, but i have endless testimonies of people on my team earning six figures in a year, living the life of their dreams, with complete location & financial freedom. check out the patented compensation below.

work smarter, not. harder.

Why Kangen?

I immediately saw the potential in this water & the business the first time it was introduced to me. This business not only allows me to benefit my health, but also allows me to start a business with zero business experience.

my entire family are entrepreneurs & i have first hand seen how expensive & time consuming starting your own business can be. I never had any inventions of viable business ideas, so when this opportunity fell into my lap, I couldn't give it up. i personally feel like, even without making any sales this is the best investment i could have made for my health & the health of those around me. 

i have been able to transform my health with this water, cultivate relationships with the community i've dreamt of, & gained business advice i never knew how to get my hands on. this opportunity is one of a kind.

By spreading a message that transforms health, promotes sustainability and creates financial freedom, I am able to positively impact the world and those around me. I would genuinely not waste my time promoting a product or opportunity if I did not truly believe that it could change your life like it has mine.

Do I need ‘Experience’ To Be successful?

Nope! When I started out in this business, I had no previous experience as far as business. throughout the platform & community, i have accumulated years of knowledge in the last 8 months on how to be successful in this business. you get access to hundreds of individuals who have their own zone of genius who are more than willing to help you on an hourly basis. with team members from all over the world, you are always learning.

Everyones journey is different. you learn as fast as you are willing to learn. i am always here to answer your questions or lead you to someone who can.

if you want it, you will find a way. if you don't, you will find an excuse.

you are capable of anything you put your mind to. 


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